New Sustainability Political Party

New Sustainability Political Party


New Sustainability Political Party

“Scientists and Engineers must become politically active if America is to achieve a genuine Sustainable Economy”.

Henry W. Clearsky

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  • The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) has operated for several decades and every four years nominates a candidate for President.
  • Their candidate in 2016, Jill Stein, collected 1 % of the votes, similar to previous results. (1)
  • For years, the Green Party has struggled to get voters attention, with it’s current structure. However, it is very positive for America to have at least one party with a primary focus on environmental protection
  • Meanwhile in Germany, the Green Party is making big gains each election because the electorate (especially young Germans) are champions of environmental protection. (2)
  • The primary reason Sustainability has not gained traction in the U.S.: the unwise investment in huge non-sustainable industries such as fossilfuel powered vehicles, natural gas and coal electrical generation, and an enormous plastics industry. These industries provide millions of jobs, and also pollute.
  • Most people vote their pocketbook, their job.

Educate Americans on the Danger

  • One estimate for the cost of pollution clean-up for future generations (our children and grandchildren) is 530 Trillion dollars. A crippling cost. (3)
  • Air pollution in the U.S. is responsible for thousands of deaths and costs over 800 billion dollars per year (4)
  • And there are hundreds of other news articles with the grim facts.

The First Steps for a viable Sustainability Party

  • New jobs must be created to build electric vehicles, generate electricity by wind and solar, and manufacture bio-degradable alternatives to plastics.
  • These ideas are described in “The Great Sustainability Compromise” on the Sustainability for Life website.
  • Millions of new eco-friendly jobs create voting citizens who view Sustainability in a much more positive manner.
  • Education about the dangers of Climate Change and our oceans filling with plastic must be accelerated.
  • Of course, any Sustainability Party must have people from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds.

Proposed Strategy of a new Sustainability Political Party


  • The new party would think much bigger, and seek out candidates for all U.S Representative and Senate offices.
  • It would continue to nominate a President and Vice-President candidate.
  • Important: Environmental protection must be just as important as any issue, if not more so.
  • Social and Justice issues are important, and should be addressed, but… If we do not save the planet from destruction (severe harm to our way of life on Planet Earth is predicted within 30-50 years), humans will be fighting for survival. Sustainability must be very importsant. (5)
  • Positions on all the other major issues would be in the platform.
  • Also, the Party should emphasize the practical and financial positives of Sustainability, of which many Americans are unaware (next slide).

Emphasize Practicality and Financial Positives.

  • Every function within our Society and Economy can be carried out with 95+% less carbon to the atmosphere and 95+% less waste to landfill..
  • The technology already exists, we just need the will and commitment.
  • Further, evidence is mounting each year that reducing pollution by 95+% can often save money (compared to polluting) in the medium to long-term.
  • Yes, that’s right, reducing pollution does not have to cost more in the long-term. Refer to “The Great Sustainability Compromise”.
  • We have to get beyond short-term thinking to make progress.

One Possible Scenario

  • The leaders of the Democratic party support environmental protection and it is a meaningful portion of the Party Platform.
  • The Democrats should ask themselves: Should we increase the visibility and importance of Sustainability in our platform?
  • Environmental Protection is THE defining issue of the 21 st Century. If the Democrats are really serious about Sustainability, why not increase the emphasis?
  • The justification and driving forces are included in this website. The world, and the human race, are in grave danger.
  • The strategy should emphasize that ALL government and economic activity can be carried out effectively with 95% less pollution… and this would benefit current and future generations.

Examples of the Power of Sustainability

  1. Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. have turned auto manufacturing upside down by selling 367,500 electric vehicles in 2019. Owner experience (including this author) is demonstrating that a Tesla Model 3 can have lower total cost of ownership across 6 years, compared to an equivalent gasoline car. (6)
    Note: Sales of electric vehicles will pass one million per year in just a few years because other manufacturers are jumping on the band-wagon.
  2. Across the U.S., wind and solar generation of electricity is booming, and recent reports indicate renewable energy is on par or cheaper than fossil fuel cost ! (7)
  3. For several years, the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament has operated for it’s full week of activities with over 500,000 visitors and achieved Zero Waste to Landfill, certified by Underwriters Laboratory. (8)
  4. Manufacturers are producing many products from plant-based material, such as sugarcane. (9) All of the above means millions of JOBS.

Sustainability Needs Everyone

  • People from all walks of life can join the Sustainability Party, and provide leadership.
  • This includes our young people championing a “Green New Deal”
  • Scientists and Engineers can make a major contribution
    • Traditionally, these experts have preferred to focus on their technical work, and not get involved with visible political activity.
    • Most often, they provide expert testimony and advice to lawmakers
    • This has to change if effective Sustainability is too be achieved.
    • Scientists and Engineers know the facts, know the danger.. They have the skill and knowledge to tackle complex problems. Therefore….
    • It is imperative that some talented Scientists and Engineers gain the skills to run for political office on the Sustainability Party platform.
    • Yes, many technical people do not have the skills or preference, but some do… and we should encourage them.

    Why Highlight Engineers and Scientists?

    • “Engineers and Scientists” is a general term for anyone who has a career in a technical field, and works in the real world… a forestry expert is an example… a medical researcher is another.
    • Engineers and Scientists can be a big part of the Sustainability solution.
    • Because what they do is often not well-understood by the voting public, they are often ignored by many voters, who may prefer the more typical law or business background in their candidates
    • Each voter is being asked to widen their candidate scope, educate themselves on the issues, and determine who might be best to tackle those issues.
    • Can voters put their faith in a non-typical candidate ?

    Measures of Sustainability Party Success

    • The day that the benefits and cost-savings of Sustainability products and systems are widely understood by U.S. voters is an important day
    • There are already 11 engineers / scientists in the U.S. House & Senate. (10)
    • Success would be 60-80 in the House and Senate, with these new politicians running on the Sustainability Platform.
    • Also, the day will arrive when the Sustainability Party candidate for president receives 10+% of the popular vote, and he or she could very likely have an engineer or scientist background.
    • The rising negative impact on the ability of humans to survive on the Planet Earth will fuel this progress.
    • We can do it sooner, or later (with much greater damage)

    Summary for the Sustainability Party

    • A full platform for a new Sustainability Party is not appropriate for this brief presentation.
    • However, new and innovative ideas are described that can be included in Sustainability Party strategy.
    • We must think 3-4 generations out to preserve the future for our children and grandchildren.


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    Henry W. Clearsky, born in America, resides in Texas