Getting Started

Getting Started


Getting Started with this Sustainability Resource

“With only a few hours of time, any person can understand America’s environmental challenges and options for solutions.”

Henry W. Clearsky

Note: Communicating this information as news to others is free of charge.5

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  • This document provides brief instructions for navigating and understanding this Sustainability material.
  • What happens next is up to each individual. 

Getting Started – The Overview


  • Whether you are using a computer, tablet or phone, you should be able to see the navigation bar with 6 web-pages.
  • Go to each page in order, and read the content.
  • Start with the “Home” page and the “About” page.
  • “The Danger” page has information on Air, Water and Solids pollution that may be startling to some.
  • Hundreds of credible scientists have been communicating the pollution problem is much worse that most people understand.
  • Next, view the “Solutions page” and see titles of the documents with solutions, divided under the Environmental, Social, Economic and Other titles.  
  • Then go to the “Blog” page and read recent updates.
  • If you want to communicate with the author, you can send a message from the “Contact” page.

Linked Documents


  • On “The Danger” page, the content of “Climate Change and Viruses” should be understood by everyone.
  • Next, go to the “Solutions page” and open the documents in each of the topic boxes.   
  • Start with the documents under Environmental, then open the documents under Social, Economic and Other. 
  • Each describes how every American and American family can contribute to environmental protection.
  • These documents are about bold, new ideas to improve Sustainability for the United States.

Many people say to themselves:

man and woman have questions

  • “I want to do the right thing for the environment, but I am not sure what to do… or how to do it.”
  • This web-site answers those questions.
  • The goal is to weave these principles & solutions into your daily life.
  • Next: Communicate to school, church and business leaders that environmental protection is important to you and your family…. and advocate real and lasting improvements.