The Danger

Understand and Truly Believe the Danger From Pollution

For the past 20+ years, thousands of articles by credible experts have been published concerning the damage to the environment from pollution, and the resultant destruction to our way of life on planet Earth.


120+ years of burning fossil fuels for industrial purposes, heating buildings, and ground, sea, and air travel has now clearly increased global temperatures (global warming). Higher temperatures are:

  • Creating frequent storms of greater destructive force, costing trillions of dollars.
  • Increasing drought in the western U.S., creating a water crisis and more wildfires.
  • Increasing the incidence and spread of dangerous diseases and viruses.
  • Globally, millions are already dying each year due to air polution and climate change.


70+ year tradition of using trillions of one-time use plastic items are now filling our oceans with waste plastic. This is a mega-crisis.

  • We have not been able to control how much waste plastic is released to nature.
  • The floating patch of waste plastic in the Pacific Ocean is twice the size of Texas!
  • Fish and marine life are dying by the millions.
  • By 2050, it is estimated there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

In addition, detergents and other pollution in the oceans promote algae growth, use up the available oxygen, and cause massive fish kills.


120+ years of using materials, then disposing of the waste in landfills has created tens of thousands of mountains of trash all across America.

  • How can such a system be in the best interest of future generations?
  • How can such a system be sustainable?
  • The recycle system in the U.S. is broken; the plastic recycle rate is often less than 12%, the rest goes to landfills. Mega-tons of recycle waste goes to landfills.
  • Plastics in waste dumps all over America are leaching harmful compounds