Latest Plastic Pollution Updates

CNBC July 23, 2020: Enormous amount of plastic will fill oceans, land by 2040 even with immediate global action, report says….. More than 1.3 billion tons of plastic waste will flow into the world’s oceans and land over the next two decades without widespread intervention, according to a new report….. A major concern is the extent of plastic waste that is openly burned. While burning curbs the amount of plastic being dumped into the ocean and seas, the process releases planet-warming greenhouse gases as well as toxic cancer-causing substances such as dioxins, mercury and styrene gas that is detrimental to human and animal health…. CNBC April 30, 2020: Toxic microplastic hotspots are accumulating on the ocean floor in record levels….. Scientists from the U.K. have discovered the highest level of microplastics ever recorded on the seafloor, with up to 1.9 million pieces of plastic covering just one square meter at the bottom of the ocean…. Toxic chemicals from microplastics have been found to hurt animals such as …. marine species by blocking their digestive systems.

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