Wildfire Predictions coming True

The Western U.S. is again being ravaged by wildfires. Climate Change and Global Warming are creating droughts and perfect conditions for increased wildfires. Here is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times, September 20, 2020:

“…. OROVILLE, Calif. —  

The death toll from a massive fire that swept through the mountain communities of Butte, Plumas and Yuba counties has risen to 10, and 16 people remain missing, fire officials said Thursday evening.

The North Complex fire mushroomed in size this week, scorching a total of more than 252,000 acres and forcing some 20,000 residents in Plumas, Butte and Yuba counties from their homes. Officials said the bodies of seven more people were found Thursday as they searched through hamlets where the fire burned.

A hand crew was overrun by flames in the fire’s West Zone in Butte County, which had become extremely unpredictable due to erratic weather changes. The crew was able to escape, but two firefighters suffered minor injuries.” ……

Within this website is a document “Fighting Wildfires Sustainably”, which describes how wildfires can be fought from the air. Continuing to try and fight wildfires on the ground is not working.

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